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Our attention for natural environment

We are service provider closely existing with natural surroundings. Through business activities, we are catering guests with pleasant and impressive experiences. To taking beautiful nature over the next generations, we will be making better efforts such as activities on natural conservation, reducing energy consumption, and cleanup events in collaboration with local people and the companies.

Mountain cleanup to conserve beautiful mountains.

As one of responsibilities for ski area operators, we are working on cross-industrial activities with other companies in addition to our daily efforts on the environment-beautiful movement. For instance, in May 2018, we held the event of “VOLCOM PATAGONIA CLEANUP 2018” in Hakuba Valley with many guests’ participation.

To create the “Happy Triangle” is our motto. As a public institution, we are contributing to the development of the communities in addition to pursuing appropriate gain for growth of the corporation. Certainly we respect history, culture, and custom by location.

Our subisidiary company in Hakuba valley, nominated as a leadership company of local business by the national government. Our group is expected to play the leadership role to develop the local business.

Athletes’ support

We are contributing to development of sports culture by supporting athletes. We have being supported promising athletes who aspires the top of worldwide championship such as Olympic games and World cups. Furthermore, we would like to contribute the public to increase the fans of sports and to foster the sports culture by supporting public institutions and associations of sports.

Athletes we are supporting personally, As of Mar., 2018

Ayana Onozuka
Ski/ Freestyle, Halfpipe
Born in 1988/Niigata, Japan
  • 5th place, Korea Pyeongchang Olympics 2018
  • Gold medalist, FIS world cup, Mar.,2017
  • Bronze medalist, Sochi Olympic game 2014
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Daichi Hara
Ski/ Freestyle. Mogul
Born in 1997/Tokyo, Japan
  • Bronze Medalist, Pyongchan Olympic game 2018
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Reira Iwabuchi
Snowboard/ Freestyle, Big Air
Born in 2001/Iwate, Japan
  • 4th place, Korea Pyeongchang Olympics 2018
  • Silver medalist, X games 2018
  • Gold medalist, FIS World cup Dec. ,2017
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Our past supporting activities;

Students’ Ski National Chanpionship in Iwatake, Hakuba since 2013
Japan Triathlon Association 2014&2015
Japan Freestyle National Team 2013/2014 season
Ski/Freestyle Hayato Nishizawa 2008~2014
Ski/Freestyle Nobuyuki Nishi 2011~2016
Snowboarding/Slopestyle Miyabi Onitsuka 2013~2016
Snowboarding/Slopestyle Keita Inamura 2014~2016